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School syllabi and web 2.0 technology

By Mahima Sarin

April 10, 2017 17:30 PM | Education | 0 COMMENTS

School is an important part of every student’s life. It is the foundation of their educational career where they learn basics, work etiquette, skills to fully use new technologies, learn methodologies, develop their cognitive processes and get enrolled for higher education to shape themselves strongly in order to face the challenges of the outer world. Evidently it is necessary that our school curriculum be up to date, methodologies should be latest, technology and way of teaching should keep on improving, learning styles be applied and practical knowledge imparted. Students must be aware of all the new developments in the market that can aid them in education. Web 2.0 describes the new and the latest trends in the world of web technology. It refers to the current scenario of online technology where users can interact with others, share their knowledge with others and at the same time get their knowledge too.

They can access information anytime and anywhere they want. This has led to development of many such tool blogs, podcast, social networking sites, portfolio etc. Blogs are basically a personal journal that covers views and opinions on various topics which helps one to share and get opinions from others as well. It can be rightly pointed out that massive information on anything and knowledge is not confined to just books. Podcast is another web2.0 technology that is an audio or video file. Things are becoming easier than ever, now what has made podcasts so famous is “pod caster” that will automatically deliver new podcast released to its subscribers. With this facility people can access any source of knowledge sitting at their home with such one click of the mouse. These advancements in technology have proved to be a major boon in academic as well as non-academic fields for a student.

Teachers can use it to record lessons and students can listen to them whenever required. It can also be used as guest speaker and will help students. Learning things visually has a better impact and can be stored better in our memory. It is especially helpful because certain things which can't be explained through words, can be seen through videos such as evolution or atomic configurations, Social networking and video sharing websites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. can also be used for teaching and knowledge sharing purpose. One can create his page on Facebook and do his part by sharing knowledge and anyone can read it to attain insight. These apps offer visitors to share comments regarding to the topic which further enables healthy discussions. On YouTube, one can record his videos or create his channel, followers can subscribe to these channels to watch it to learn and get knowledge on various topics from various teachers at the same time and anywhere they want.

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